Ephrati Madpis Ltd. was founded in 1979 by Engineers Amnon Ephrati and Uri Madpis. Its operations include managing and overseeinga variety of engineering projects. Today, the company is managed by Engineer Yoni Ephrati, who has been working atthe company for 25 years. The company's management team also includes Amnon Ephrati, Ron Ben-David, Haim Honigman and Avi Cohen.

“Our Credo”

We believe that a good project manager is rigid and sensitive, charismatic and leaves room for others.
He is the guardian of the budget, but understands the actual cost of jobs.
He manages the project with thought before action, and above all,
he is knowledgeable in many fields, but has the ability to balance among them.

As project managers, all the above-mentioned are of utmost importance to us, and the balance among them produces a high-quality project with a proper budget and a fast timetable.

Ephrati Madpis Ltd. is active in both the private and public sectors. Ephrati Madpis Ltd. engages in managing projects within the construction field, including commercial and employment buildings, residential buildings, luxury residences, preservation buildings, hotels, sheltered housing, marine works and infrastructure works.

Ephrati Madpis Group also includes "The Israeli Structure Strengthening Company". The Israeli Structure Strengthening Company is engaged, in the framework of National Outline Plan 38, in strengthening residential structures against earthquakes. The company is managed by Mr. Yossi Hasson and his partners Attia & Ashgar Investments Ltd.

In addition, the company operates within the field of buildings construction management for purchase groups. In this field, the Company manages the construction of 2,500 housing units in the Gush Dan area. Ephrati Madpis Ltd. has both the knowledge and experience in providing the unique services required for the purchase groups, including services related to the group management. We have a web portal, designed to provide information to the purchase group members, with full transparency.

Our company engages in many projects throughout the city of Tel Aviv and we possess the necessary knowledge, experience and professionalism to obtain construction permits and promote city building plans. The company employs about 40 employees, mostly engineers and practical engineers.

Ephrati Madpis emphasizes several points in relation to each job:

  • Theclient's interests remain above any other consideration.
  • Avoid bad faith, conflicts of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  • Invest, beyond the accepted practice, in efficient and cost-effective planning.
  • Exercise utmost zeal in maintaining the quality of job performance.

Among its operations, Ephrati Madpis Ltd. is actively involved in the construction of mega-projects on an Israeli scale, including:

  • A military base for the Israeli Navy in Haifa.
  • The Elite Center in Ramat Gan, with four towers that consist of 40+ stories, on a joint parking lot. The project includes employment, residential, commercial and parking areas.
  • The North Summayl Tower project, with about 50 residential stories .
  • The United Sarona project, which includesthree residential towers of 40 stories, office space, commercial areas, kindergartens and parking lots.
  • The Beresheet Tower project in the Bavli neighborhood, consisting of 44 residential stories in a uniquely and luxuriously designed building.

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