Project management

Project management is divided into several stages:The first stage is the initial phase in which the program for the project is set out. At this stage, after performing checks with the architect, we advise the developer which project to begin, whether to submit a court filing to change the building rights, and what building mixture best suits the project.


Stage 2: Planning

We have an experienced team of employees, composed partially of architects and partially of engineers, who handle projects at the planning stage.

We see the planning and authorization stage as a critical part of the project, given that for many projects delays in granting building permits and wasteful planning cause delays in populating residential projects, delays in constructions, and budget overruns.

This team completes its work on the project after planning has been completed, the permit is granted, and the tender for contractors to perform the work has been published.

Stage 3: Construction

At this stage our team of engineers specialized in project management of the execution and quality control take over the project. At this stage it is important to ensure strict quality standards for the precise execution as well as the project’s compliance with the construction schedule and budget.

Stage 4: Transfer and review

Before transferring the spaces to their owners, we audit the spaces in the structure and notify the contractor of issues to be fixed as a condition for authorizing the contractor to contact the owner of the property and hand over the unit.

We do not authorize the handover until the state of the project has satisfied our requirements. We only transfer the project after all repairs have been made. We continue to oversee the project during the review phase so long as there are problems and the contractor has yet to remedy them to our satisfaction.

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