Management of Purchase Groups

Our company offers engineering management services to many buyers' groups, including some with over two hundred individuals.We understand very well the mechanisms of buyers' groups and have the knowledge to provide support and advice on complex points, such as shared uses of buildings with business conflicts between owners.

We support you during your application for a bank loan and/or sponsor. We work for the good of the team. As part of our work, at certain points we take on the role of project developer, which may be missing in some teams.

We manage construction projects for many owners of historic properties, most of them in the city of Tel Aviv (in the Hagush Hagadol, Ramat Aviv, and Kohav Hazafon neighborhoods) as well as in Herzliya, Raanana and Petah Tikva.

These projects do not have a formally designated organizer and we have effectively taken this position, generally in cooperation with an additional stakeholder.

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